What Customers Who Switched From Desks Are Saying About Us

"Scale your support with minimal cost"

We were going to zero in on either Zendesk or Intercom. Then someone from yellow Messenger reached out. We were surprised to learn that with complete CX automation, all the feature and integration comparisons we were focussing on the past month, were obsolete. We didn’t need agents and ticketing. CX Chatbots are a whole new way and a more intuitive way of managing customer support.

Customer Service Supervisor

Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

“Ticketing made efficient and simplified”

I would gladly recommend Yellow Messenger as a very competitive option if you are evaluating ticket management software. The whole implementation could be done by us in a manner of hours and they have an academy where you can get a certification and learn how to deploy it. We switched from desking platform to automation because we needed a better way to support our customers and SLAs and time tracking were urgent.

Head of Customer Support

Enterprise (1000-5000 employees)

"Scale your support with minimal cost"

Yellow Messenger is an easy-to-use platform. The screens and workflow are simple, easy-to-navigate and reduce the friction in the tools interaction, thereby allowing our team to focus on delivering a great support experience to customers. AI is built in the CX flow and works like a charm to ensure we are only sharing information with the right customers each time. I can spend very little time in managing a huge team, allowing me to spend time in other strategic initiatives.

Customer Experience Head

Small business (1-50 employees)

I don't want to desk it anymore!

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Incomparable features

Comparing desking with automation is like comparing a floppy to cloud storage. There are no comparisons. It’s a whole new way of delivering customer support.


Understand automation with personas

CX Leaders, across companies, have one goal - happier customers. And how they deliver happiness is through being responsive, resolution-driven, efficient, and accurate...To understand how automation can help CX leaders achieve this, let’s understand automation through a few personas.

Tony – CX Lead, Blikli Indonesia

Let’s consider Tony, the CX head for the largest e-commerce company - Blikli Indonesia. Tony has been heading their CX team for over 6 years and has scaled his team for 80 agents to 250. Tony has seen massive growth in the company’s operations and consequently, the support queries have risen too. Tony is looking to increase his CX team’s productivity without increasing his operational expenditure.

Tony wants to:

  • Respond to customer’s queries faster
  • Resolve customer’s queries end-to-end
  • Have happier customers

Tony doesn't wants to:

  • Hire more agents to cater to more queries
  • Have multiple tools to cater to CX

Tony would be thrilled to learn CX Automation can resolve 85% of customers’ queries. He’s also very happy to know that the time to respond is no more 30 minutes but 1 second. Tony is wondering why automation wasn’t there when he started his career 6 years ago.


Danny would be thrilled to learn CX Automation can resolve 85% of the repetitive customer’s queries and route to him, queries that are challenging. He’s also thrilled to know that he doesn’t need to look for answers and resources at multiple places as he can have a chatbot assistant doing that for him in real-time. Danny is wondering why he was answering tickets when tickets are not even required.

Danny – The CX Agent, Zohadoo USA

In a typical day, Danny handles at least 60 customer queries across channels like phone, ticket and live chat. He has been doing this for over 1 year and he is surprised why all customers have the same problems and why he cannot get something more intelligent to work on. Danny is looking for a promotion this year end and is looking to expand his responsibilities. Bur he is sad to know his superiors also deal with similar mundane stuff.

Danny wants to:

  • Have fewer repetitive queries coming to him
  • Tackle challenging queries
  • Have more context about the customer

Danny doesn't want to:

  • Navigate through multiple systems to cater to every customer
  • Put customers on hold and swift through multiple files and documents to find answers

I don't want to desk it anymore!

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