How conversational interfaces helps enterprises BOOST NPS!

Yellow Messenger | June 5, 2018

If we are talking about the major problems companies are dealing with, Net Promoter score ( NPS ) would definitely be in the top 5.

NPS which is basically the difference between the number of promoters of the company and the number of detractors, is a management tool that is used to gauge the loyalty of firm's customer relationship.

NPS is an better alternative for the traditional customer satisfaction research. The fact that more than two thirds of the fortune 1000 companies are using this metric, shows how powerful this tool is.

NPS being a globally recognized system, can push you ahead of your competitors in the industry and help you build a loyal customer base.As simple as it is, it takes a lot of effort to build a good score. It works by the single powerful formula "How are the customers feeling about the company".Pushing NPS means making unhappy customers happy and making them as our promoters.

Companies have been struggling and using expensive and tedious solutions such as establishing more customer care centers, opening local branches, hiring more business minds, trying out all the strategies just to see that their NPS increased by a little.

Yellow Messenger a conversational platform powered with the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence provides a simple solution to boost your NPS by 15%.

Our Solution

Yellow Messenger provides you with a AI conversational assistant which engages customers with quick and smart responses.The personal virtual assistant can make and receive calls, do SMS & E-Mail campaigns and can be deployed over various channels such as the company website, Facebook messenger, Alexa, Google assistant and more.

Our case studies include partnering with HDFC and creating HDFC "Ergo" which was deployed over their website, alexa, and google assistant and an IVR (Interactive voice response ) bot. The virtual assistant provides over 25 insurance services such as policy services ( E-mail policy copy, tax certificate etc ), insurance transfer to policy number, change registered policy number, E-Mail, locating nearest hospitals and garages and more.

Yellow messenger's solution of conversational approach for HDFC ERGO resulted in increase of NPS Score by 20%.

Yellow Messenger provides unique tailor-made solutions for companies basing on their requirements.

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