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  • FAQ Resolution​

If your question is semantically similar to one Flax receives often, Flax can resolve your query immediately. Just ask Flax through DM (Direct Message) or tag Flax @Flax in a channel.

@Flax <query>

*The free version can only resolve few generic IT related questions.

  • Document Cognition

Flax can pull up information relevant to your query from unstructured documents. Think of this as Google search for your internal documents. This allows Flax to answer questions that do not have a pre-configured response.

/flaxsearch <search query>

*The free version only has a few common documents that Flax can refer to and does not allow you to connect to a custom knowledge base

  • Ticket Management

Flax can help you raise, assign, prioritize, resolve and reopen ServiceNow tickets without leaving Slack. Simply click on the button when it pops up. You can also manage your tickets from the Home tab.

You can directly convert a message to a ticket using messaging shortcuts. Just click on the 3 dots next to the message(long press the message on mobile) and choose Raise Ticket.

/raiseticket <ticket description>
/ticketstatus <ticket description>

*The free version is configured only to ServiceNow and does not have automatic ticket management and funneling

  • Search ServiceNow Articles

Flax allows you to search your ServiceNow Knowledge base without leaving Slack. Just click on the ServiceNow Search button that pops up and Flax will return the matching results

/snowsearch <search query>
  • Setup

The first time Flax is installed, the Slack admin needs to click on the Configure ServiceNow button in the home tab.
This will reveal a link that needs to be given to a ServiceNow admin. The link, which is unique to your workspace, contains instructions on how to connect your ServiceNow instance to Flax.

  • General info
You can type help to get a short list of the commands available. If you get stuck at any point please type reset to clear the conversation

If you want to login to another ServiceNow account write login in the chat. You can type logout to disconnect your ServiceNow account. Ticket management and ServiceNow search will not work until you log back in.

We would love to hear what you think. If you have any doubts or suggestions please click on the Feedback button in the home page or type feedback in the chat. You can also fill up your details in the Book Demo form at the top and we will get back to you as soon as possible



  • Unlimited users
  • Integrated with ServiceNow
  • Common FAQs resolution
  • Basic Document Cognition
  • Can be mentioned in channels but no channel resolver


  • Unlimited users
  • Integrate with your ITSM stack
  • Custom query resolution
  • Premium Document Cognition
  • Channel resolver
  • Custom workflows
  • Platform access
  • Organization specific training
  • Role based access
  • Advanced analytics
  • Live agent transfer

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Conversational Solutions

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Conversational Solutions

Get a WhatsApp + Omnichannel Chatbot. FREE for 90 days.