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70% of customers are using self-service channels at some point in their resolution journey. - Gartner

Intelligent virtual assistants help telcos and customers


customer support can be fully automated


telecom customers prefer to use self-service options


revenue growth can be attained with intelligent upselling and retention


telecom operators are investing in AI systems to improve their infrastructure.


Leading telecom operators leverage Yellow Messenger's Virtual Assistants

Intelligent virtual assistant use-cases for telcos

Self-serve customer support

Save ~70% on Op-Ex. Solve L1 & L2 queries.

Increase Revenue

Predict customer’s needs and up-sell, cross-sell through conversations thereby, increasing ROI.

Live Agent

Automatically route complex requests to support agents based on their skillset and chat load.

Personalized Experience with Omni-channel Support

Personalized recommendations based on user’s behavioural patterns in over 100+ languages across 30+ channels.

Deliver better CSAT

Achieve 95% CSAT score with a blend of intelligent automation and human empathy.

Bot-Assisted Troubleshooting

Enable customers to troubleshoot Internet, WiFi, or Email problems by walking them through detailed diagnostic steps with virtual assistants.

Available in 100+ languages and 30+ channels.

One intelligent virtual assistant for a global organization with multi-touchpoints.

Languages: For an organization that is truly global

We support intelligent virtual assistants to be trained in 1 language and be deployed in 100+ languages, across text and voice. Whether you’re a telco looking to engage your customers in one region or globally, our translation-independent multilingual model, is built to scale from day zero. Yellow Messenger’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants are serving customers in 27+ countries across 30+ languages.

Channels: For an organization that touches everyone

Your customers are spending their time across real-time, synchronous and asynchronous channels like telephony, voice assistants, email, messenger and social media. With an omni-channel intelligent virtual assistant, you can connect with your prospects and consumers at the right time, at the right place, with the right messaging.

Conversational ai support for languages
Conversational ai for whatsapp, business messages, zolo, website, alexa

Languages: For an organization that is truly global

We automate in 100+ languages, across chat and voice. Whether you’re a company looking at 1 region, 1 language or a global conglomerate looking to implement one solution across countries, we can fit all that you need.

AI integration across platforms

Channels: For an organization that touches everyone

Your customer support team likes Freshchat and your sales team prefers Slack whereas your HR Team is using Success Factors. Bumblebee can be deployed and integrated with all your tools, software and channels to ensure everyone is connected, whenever and wherever they need it.

Impact of Yellow Messenger: Case Studies

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Redefine conversations with Yellow Messenger

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Get a WhatsApp + Omnichannel Chatbot. FREE for 90 days.