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What our customers are saying about us?

"Maintaining a delightful and consistent customer experience revolves around customer empathy and it needs continuous investment in people, processes, and partners. Yellow Messenger has facilitated 77% of our customers to self-serve for queries like web check-in, flight status, and more, enabling us to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers"
Nitin Sethi - VP Digital

Indigo Airlines (10000+ employees)

“A major chunk of the incoming volume is handled by the bot itself. Only interactions which absolutely require human interactions are routed to the operations team. This has increased efficiency multifolds”
Prafulla P - Senior Manager - Operations

ZestMoney(201-500 employees)

“Yellow Messenger is the perfect software for building the perfect chatbot. The option of either using UI for building a bot or completely sticking to coding is just simply amazing.”
Kesav S - Software Engineer

Capterra (501-1000 emp.)

"Yellow Messenger allows easy integration with portals. It has easy to implement use cases and the guided workflows function smoothly. Their cloud solution and latest interface is amazing."
Mangesh K - Systems Executive

Enterprise (5001-10,000 employees)

"With Yellow Messenger we have achieved 26% increase in the number of leads collected for our Smart Care Product"
Soumya Mishra - Brand Manager

Asian Paints (5001-10,000 employees)

"Apart from the delighted customers, we've seen a drop in custome support calls as well which is major evolution in utility business"
Ramesh Nayak - Deputy General Manager

Reliance Infrastructure Limited (5001-10,000 employees)


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Why partner with Yellow Messenger?

Powerful NLP Engine:

Our deep neural networks trained on extensive, real-world, multilingual features have demonstrated the ability to accurately predict multiple intents and entities from user utterances in 90+ languages. The models are trained for both voice and text inputs and are integrated with an NLG pipeline for predictive responses and small talk.

Conversational Insights

Our personalisation engines, with built-in sentiment analyzer, memory and context engine, can not only build 360-degree user profiles and audience segments but also use them to retarget and recommend the most relevant actions to users, while maintaining context across channels.

Global Learning

Our feedback loop based learning models take into account all aspects of the conversation including unidentified messages, intent conflicts, conversation patterns and agent tags and responses to improve the bot’s goal completion rate over time.

Intelligent Orchestration

Yellow Messenger’s virtual assistants can interface with multiple chatbots and RPA bots internally and co-reference information to provide the most appropriate response, making sure that the user only needs to interact with a single virtual assistant, ever.

Business Friendly

With our end-to-end conversation design and context management pipeline, the entire user experience is designed to offer technology in the hands of the business and ensure that nothing remains a blackbox.

Contact Centre Automation

Our innovative automated IVR + live chat technology seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional IVR and modern communication channels, while driving agent productivity, automating L1 queries and providing better interactions through voice and video calling features.

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Impact of Yellow Messenger: Case Studies

Payments Using WhatsApp Chatbot

Yellow Messenger’s Payments Using WhatsApp

Yellow Messenger’s easy chatbot integration with multiple channels

Yellow Messenger’s Easy Chatbot Integration with Multiple Channels

Future of Customer Service is Self-Service

Future of Customer Service is Self-Service

Conversational Design – An Advancement You Can’t Ignore

Conversational Design – An Advancement You Can’t Ignore

Conversational AI atop Social Commerce – Next Big Thing After E-Commerce

Conversational AI atop Social Commerce – Next Big Thing After E-Commerce

Redirect Leads from Facebook Ads to WhatsApp Business Account

Redirect Leads from Facebook Ads to WhatsApp Business Account

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Redefine conversations with Yellow Messenger

Redefine conversations with Yellow Messenger

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Conversational Solutions

Get a WhatsApp + Omnichannel Chatbot. FREE for 90 days.