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Give your employees the superpowers to do meaningful work

Bumblebee helps you automate your HR processes, retain & upskill talent & capture actionable people insights, all from a single interface.

Bumblebee is a complete HR solution

Companies growing their human potential with Bumblebee

Start small. Or choose the entire suite.

Take small steps and reach the summit or fly your way to it, we can move with your pace.

Bumblebee is a complete HR solution, not a toolkit, which means you can automate your HR processes in 2-4 weeks.

Whatever be your industry or country, you can train Bumblebee to fit right into your ecosystem and adapt to your HR processes.

It’s unbiased and continuous conversation analytics ensure that you identify problems way before the damage is done.

Have great conversations, with each employee

Let your employees know they’re unique. Let our chatbot make them feel special.

Never let a single Voice of employee go unheard
Schedule dipstick and tenure surveys for moments that matter
Customize from a host of pre-designed surveys or create your own
Segment your audience by events or tags
Capture anonymized feedback on sensitive issues
Capture insights like turnover intent and theme- wise analysis
Perform entity detection & topic modeling on verbatim feedback
Restrict data access to authorized people only
Attract and hire the best candidates, fast
Launch targeted campaigns on WhatsApp and Linkedin
Resolve candidate queries through an HR FAQ bot
Filter resumes and pre-screen candidates
Automate hiring process from interview scheduling to offer letter generation
Automate reference checks with conversational surveys
Engage with candidates during the notice period
Automate onboarding processes like document submission,training & assessment & buddy connect
Let us do the mundane work you hate
Make it easier to apply & approve leaves.
Avoid switching tabs & windows to manage calendars & meetings.
Provide employees Payroll, ESOPs and benefits relates services easily.
Automate claims & reimbursements.
Make attendance tracking & regularization seamless.
Automate exit feedback & maintain alumni relations.
Empower your HR BPs with a consumer-grade ticket management tool.
Make learning and development fun and flexible
Perform skill-gap analysis for succession planning.
Recommend training based on employees’ goals and interests.
Facilitate allocation of and connects with mentors.
Send automated and personalized reminders for mandatory training.
Push micro-learning content on the go.
Perform assessments and generate certificates.
Facilitate allocation of and connects with mentors.
Notify employees on IJP openings for internal mobility.
Supercharge employee and team productivity
Capture 180 and 360 feedback.
Use a daily journal to send EoD report to the manager.
Ensure employees never miss 1:1s with their managers.
Implement continuous feedback by capturing KRAs and weekly goals.
Nudge employees to complete goal setting.
Send quick reward & recognition through the bot.
Find tools and knowledge at the speed of light
Train and launch an FAQ bot in less than 10 minutes.
Integrate with knowledge base like Servicenow & Sharepoint.
Use Machine Comprehension to search through semi-structured documents.
Help employees find the right application through quick links.
Provide employees an interface to rank and update KBs.
Capture insights on the accuracy and relevance of documents.
Bring back that awesome feeling of being ONE tribe
Help your employees find the right person to connect with for any problem.
Have a mini-celebration & send personalised greeting on special occasions.
Use the poll feature to send team-wide polls.
Encourage employees to appreciate their colleagues’ efforts.
Play icebreaker quizzes and games like secret santa within the team.
Send organization-wide announcements and collect anonymous feedback to capture the pulse of the organization.
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Give more power to your HR team

How do we power those who power our people? Like this:

Data & Analytics

Gather meaningful insights and help your organization attract, manage, and retain employees, thereby improving ROI.

Support Desk

There are queries that need a human touch and a majority of those that don’t. Let HR Support Bots take the load off you.

Flow Builder

You shouldn’t have to go behing the IT team to enable your work process. We get that. Building a chatbot is now a child’s play! Seriously.

Never start from the scratch

Why reinvent the wheel? Pick from the industry’s best!

pre-trained chatbots for hr processes

Domain-specific Training

Specialisation and diversity, all packed in one. Leverage pre-trained bots that are geared to help you succeed!

hr workflow templates

Workflow Templates

There are queries that need a human touch and a majority of those that don’t. Let HR Support Bots take the load off you.

Get more out of your existing tools

Conversational AI can augument the performance of your legacy tools and software

Connect your tools with Yellow Messenger

Bring 100+ hr tools and systems together to create end to end conversational experiences

Or build your own with our APIs

With our flexible architecture, you’ll be able to customize your experience even with legacy or internal hr tools that we may not support off-the-shelf just yet.

bumblebee hr solutions integrates with sap oracle workday whatsapp etc

Available in 100+ languages and 30+ channels.

One chatbot for a global organization with multi-touchpoints.

Languages: For an organization that is truly global

We support HR Automation in 100+ languages, across chat and voice. Whether you’re a company looking at 1 region, 1 language or a global conglomerate looking to implement one solution across countries, we can fit all that you need.

Channels: For an organization that touches everyone

Your sales team likes Teams and your Dev team prefers Slack whereas your HR Team is using Success Factors. Bumblebee can be deployed and integrated with all your tools, software and channels to ensure everyone is connected, whenever and wherever they need it.

Stay in control of your data

People are our biggest asset and so is their data. We help you be on top of both!

Data Encryption

All conversations and related data is end-to-end encrypted in transit and at rest.


ISO 27001 certified with features like PII masking and routine purging for enhanced security


Support for single sign-on and access to data only based on user roles and permissions.

Try Bumblebee for your team, today

Redefine conversations with Yellow Messenger

Bumblebee to Automate your HR Processes

  • Generating onboarding documents
  • Resolving issues
  • Engaging new hires before they join
  • Accommodating employee requests
  • Collecting required onboarding documents
  • Keeping employees updated
  • FAQ answering
  • Surveying new hire’s experience

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Conversational Solutions

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Conversational Solutions

Get a WhatsApp + Omnichannel Chatbot. FREE for 90 days.