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Redefine shopper’s experience with conversational commerce

Canary helps you manage your storefront, sales, marketing and customer engagement across channels, all from a single interface.

canary - conversational commerce chatbot

Brands expanding their omni-channel commerce capabilities with Canary

Start small. Or choose the entire suite.

Take small steps and reach the summit or fly your way to it, we can move with your pace.

Canary helps you launch your omni-channel ecommerce chatbot right outside the box

With Canary, you can increase your customer’s lifetime value by enriching their experience constantly

Derive insights from natural language conversations at scale and implement executable strategies on the fly.

Have great conversations, with each and every customer

Your customers need to feel special. Let our chatbot deliver great conversational experiences!

Redefine your shopper’s experience, everywhere
Make shopping as easy as chatting with a friend
Offer a unified experience across channels - in-store to website to various social media channels like FB, WA, etc.
Pick up the pace from where you left last. Continue conversations across platforms with all the context
Reach consumers, where they are
Segment your audience by events or tags and run campaigns - CSAT, Cart recovery, Offers, Loyalty, etc
Send proactive and reactive notifications over whatsapp, facebook messenger, google business messenger, etc
Pick from a library of pre-designed surveys and work-flows
Never let a single trend go unnoticed
Get closer to your customers by gathering insights generated by natural conversations
Spot red-flags and positive experiences immediately and take required measures
Derive value from insights and analytics from Day 1
Get closer to your customers, virtually
Let NLP help you understand your customers - requirement, satisfaction or frustration.
Recommend products by replicating your best sales person
Create user segments based on product choices and preferences
Give them the power of on-demand customer support
Reduce TAT by automating customer support
Augment your customer support with AI-powered chatbots with easy switch between bot and agent
Give power to your store managers and agents to service your customers better, with an easy-to-use mobile app
Help recover carts, intelligently
Send cart recovery communication across whatsapp,facebook and more.
Gain deep insights into the reasons for cart abandonment by sending conversational surveys
Leverage AI to gauge product demand and trends to make smarter recovery suggestions
Make payments as easy as shopping
Support one click UPI payments to make shopping a breeze
Integrate with your trusted payment gateway
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Give more power to your team

How do we power those who power our customers? Like this:


Store-wise Catalog

Give your customers the flexibility to buy from the nearest store, and give your store managers access to control their inventory.


Order management on the go

Order management is now simplified! Let your store managers track and process the orders with a conversational store assistant chatbot


Support desk on mobile

Customers are shopping 24/7. They expect real time query resolution. With mobile support desk, respond to your customers in real time, via a mobile app.

Never start from the scratch

Why reinvent the wheel? Pick from the industry’s best!

Predefined sales flows

Curated and tested conversational flows, that will help your customers choose the right product for them with no friction

Prebuilt surveys

Make use of tailor made pre-defined conversational surveys and reach out to the customers for feedback, promotion and other cues

Retail NLP model

We’ve trained the NLP to work for you. Understand the requirements and sentiment of the users from their queries built specifically for retail.

Get more out of your existing tools

Conversational AI can augument the performance of your legacy tools and software

Connect your tools with Yellow Messenger

Bring your legacy commerce and retail tools and systems together to create end to end conversational experiences for customers

Or build your own with our APIs

With our flexible architecture, you’ll be able to customize your experience even with legacy tools that we may not support off-the-shelf just yet.

Available in 100+ languages and 30+ channels.

One chatbot for a global organization with multi-touchpoints.

Languages: For an organization that is truly global

We support Conversational Commerce via chatbots in 100+ languages, across text and voice. Whether you’re a company looking at 1 region, 1 language or a global conglomerate looking to implement one solution across countries, we can fit all that you need.

Channels: For a retailer that touches everyone

From WhatsApp to Google Business Messages to Apple Chat to your website to your own app; our chatbots can rest on any platform and build meaningful conversations, from day zero!

Stay in control of your data

Your customers are your biggest asset and so is their data. We help you be on top of both!

Data Encryption

All conversations and related data is end-to-end encrypted in transit and at rest.


ISO 27001 certified with features like PII masking and routine purging for enhanced security


Support for single sign-on and access to data only based on user roles and permissions.

Try Canary for your brand, today

Redefine conversations with Yellow Messenger

Redefine Shopper’s Experience With Conversational Commerce Bot Canary

  • Make shopping as easy as chatting with a friend
  • Offer a unified experience across channels
  • Continue conversations across platforms with all the context
  • Segment your audience by events or tags and run campaigns
  • Send proactive and reactive notifications over WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, google business messenger, etc
  • Pick from a library of pre-designed surveys and work-flows

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