Billy - Yellow Messenger's Virtual Assistant

Yellow Messenger’s BILLY is a customer engagement chatbot. Billy was built with the aim to leverage the latest technologies built at Yellow Messenger for helping prospects with on-demand information about our product, solutions, company, and more.

How is Billy built?

Billy uses the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing to understand the query entered by a prospect and fetch the relevant information from thousands of possible sources, all in a matter of milliseconds. Our prospects have been witnessing the power of speedy FAQ answering and in return, Yellow Messenger has witnessed a surge in Leads to Qualified Leads.


What does Billy achieve?

The technology behind Billy is built and managed by Yellow Messenger, the world’s first cognitive engagement cloud. Billy has answered beyond 1 million queries with over 89% accuracy. Billy has been conversing with customers around the globe, round the clock. Billy has increased Leads to MQL ratio by 18% and has enabled the sales team with a meaningful context to be more call ready. BILLY is awesome!

How can Billy help you?

What can you ask

"Tell me more about WhatsApp For Business"

"What is a virtual assistant"

"What are the subscription plans"

"How can I increase ROI without increasing overhead"

"I need solutions for IT service management"

"Schedule a demo"