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Connected CX: The Catalyst for Sustained Growth



Connected CX: The Catalyst for Sustained Growth


Meet the Speakers

Neil Barman

Chief Growth Officer, Yellow Messeneger

Sachin Bhatia

Founder, Ameyo

Tarun Jain

Director of IT & Innovation, Knowmax

Join Neil Barman (Chief Growth Officer, Yellow Messenger), Sachin Bhatia (Founder, Ameyo), and Tarun Jain (Director of IT & Innovation, Knowmax) in an exciting panel discussion on the importance of a connected customer experience and the role of AI, contact centers, and knowledge management in offering a well-rounded CX


Did you know that 86% of buyers would be willing to pay more for better customer experience? However, despite this, a number of brands are still lagging behind in offering their customers a superior, connected experience that improves brand perception.

It’s time for businesses to start redefining their customer experience strategy, considering that is one of the key brand differentiators today.

Yellow Messenger, in association with Knowmax and Ameyo, invites you to a panel discussion – Connected CX: The catalyst for sustained growth, where industry experts will throw light on :

  • Connected CX and how its crucial to brand perception
  • What comprises a connected customer experience
  • The role of 360-degree telephony in proactive customer support
  • Knowledge management, the key to self-service and increased efficiency
  • How conversational AI drives impactful customer relationships
  • How to link your CX initiatives with ROI

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